Video Services

Benchmark offers state-of-the-art legal video services for your deposition and arbitration needs.

Video Conference Suites

Benchmark Reporting Agency offers the most technological video conferencing services in 5,000+ locations around the world, as well as in our downtown Minneapolis office and other cities throughout the country.  We offer both HD, high definition and standard video conference service using ISDN or IP video conference connection services.

Video conference services allow attorneys, clients, co-counsel, and paralegals to conduct realtime, face-to-face meetings in the most productive, efficient, and cost-saving way. In addition, video conferencing allows meeting participants to share information, collaborate, maintain personal interaction, and build relationships through technology in live, in-person meetings.

Video Conferencing Equipment

Our video conference equipment makes it easy to share presentations, documents, video, and multimedia:

  • Benchmark’s HD (or high definition) Video Conference allows for the highest picture quality.
  • Large HD Monitors enhance picture quality and allow larger picture for ease of viewing multiple participants.
  • Enhancement to our video conference equipment which can capture any paper document or exhibit for viewing by all meeting participants.
  • Scanned exhibits can be preloaded into the video conferencing computer to be viewed by all conference participants at the touch of a button.

Key Benefits to Video Conferencing with Benchmark:

  • Productivity is increased when all participants are able to meet despite being unable to travel to the same place.
  • Team building and collaboration is maintained when attorneys, clients, co-counsel, and paralegals meet with face-to-face capabilities.
  • Video conferencing saves money and reduces travel time.
  • All information, documentation, exhibits, and/or presentations can be recorded for later viewing.

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