Video Fortifies your Legal Toolbox

Testimony without video is like cake without icing. Sure, the cake satisfies, but the icing evokes our personal and emotional response.

Video images are everywhere. Imagine fixing the kitchen sink without checking YouTube. Or listening to a recording of Robin Williams without actually seeing his legendary facial antics.

The benefits of visual imaging to legal depositions are equally powerful. For one, attorneys present a more compelling case by showing the natural reactions of a witness: body language, significant pauses, restlessness or anger. A jury will hold its attention longer when it is able to see a witness’ attitude and facial reactions, rather than simply hearing testimony read into the record by court personnel.

Video depositions may also be used to impeach a witness who may change testimony at trial. Seeing a witness make a different statement on video vs. what was said in court makes a greater impact than just reading testimony.  Attorneys may also use video to preserve testimony in case witnesses should change their minds, die or lose their memories. This visual resource can be used in court or in mediations, even years from now if necessary.

Interestingly, filming testimony often has a calming effect on disruptive attorneys or witnesses. People behave better when they are being filmed, which might make a difference between the expense of a one day or three day deposition.

The extra charge involved in video depositions is quickly diminished by the time and costs saved by not paying travel expenses, expert witness fees or professional time.

Though video depositions cannot replace the court reporter’s transcribed testimony, they enhance it by allowing participants to pick up on non-verbal clues, tone of voice and behavior…just another example of the power of video to capture interest and influence opinion, like icing on the cake.

When you schedule your next deposition, consider the energy of video. Benchmark experts have the technical and legal experience to assure that the setting, sound and picture result in maximum benefits to you.

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