No one can deny that technology has revolutionized the way we do business. When the first video conference was introduced at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, it was a futuristic dream that few could imagine becoming a part of every day life. Today, businesses cannot imagine staying competitive without it.

Video conferencing gives law firms, attorneys, their clients and associates the opportunity to participate in real time, face-to-face meetings without the time or expense involved in travel. The quality, availability and high definition of video conferencing make it quick and easy for colleagues to communicate and share data without making a trip to the airport.

Just think of the time and expense you’ll save in travel––hours that can be spent, and billed, more productively. Your clients will also appreciate the ability to meet with you expediently. When video is added to a meeting, participants’ facial expressions of concern or satisfaction can be seen and addressed immediately, without the frustration of crossed emails or missed phone calls.

Not only is video conferencing convenient and sensible, it makes a compelling visual impact while cutting costs as you manage an ever-growing caseload. You’ll complete more meetings in a day, resulting in effective decisions and focused projects, thereby increasing productivity and profitability.

Benchmark’s full service attention means we fit our technology to your needs, whether it’s as simple as a computer web cam or as high-tech as our video conferencing suites. Benchmark’s sophisticated equipment makes it easy to share diverse presentations, documents, video and resources with an individual or groups in different locations.

Before you schedule your next out of town meeting or deposition, consider using the expertise and high definition digital videoconferencing technology services of Benchmark. We’ll broaden the impact of your communications by connecting you to more people with much less of a financial burden. Now, who could make a case against that?

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