Take Remote Depositions From The Security Of Your Office

Worries about the spread of coronavirus have hammered stocks, sent investors fleeing, locked down Italy, canceled overseas plane flights and quarantined cruise passengers. Bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes have flown off retail shelves as fast as they are restocked.

It’s a scary world these days and people are exercising caution about the crowds that gather in airports and the worries of being packed into an airplane with hundreds of potential germ carriers. Travel overseas is especially intimidating for many.

Given the warnings and precautions, many legal professionals are concerned about the safety of air travel and are seeking alternative ways to conduct depositions without the risk of exposure.

Benchmark Reporting has the solution. Our web-hosted platform offers videoconferencing services that join attorneys, court reporter and witnesses in any location and on any device. You can conduct depositions without ever having to leave the security of your office or home.

Consider these remote deposition options:

  • REPORTER WITH WITNESS: Our local court reporter or one closest to your deposition location will be with the witness while legal counsel attends in person, telephonically or through videoconferencing technology.
  • ALL ATTEND REMOTELY: Attorney, witness and reporter are all in separate locations for the deposition. We will arrange to have a notary swear in the witness at their location and our professional, experienced court reporter will create a precise record of testimony. All parties would attend remotely either telephonically or via videoconference.

Benchmark’s experienced team, as well as up-to-the-minute technology assure that your remote deposition is smooth, accurate, efficient and flawless.

It’s smart to play it safe when it comes to international travel these days, and with Benchmark’s convenient, trouble-free depositions available worldwide, the worry of keeping safe and healthy is solved.

Schedule your upcoming international deposition with Benchmark online at https://www.benchmark-reporting.com/online-deposition-scheduling/ or call us at 612-338-3376 or 800-873-3376 tollfree.

About Benchmark Reporting Agency

Benchmark Reporting Agency has provided national court reporting services for more than 50 years. The firm offers a full range of litigation support servicesvideo servicesvideo conferencing, and video streaming to meet the needs of clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. Benchmark’s team of professionals specializes in complex cases that include Intellectual Property, Patent, Technical, Medical, Construction, Railroad, Insurance, and Government Litigation. The Minneapolis-based firm has satellite office in St. Paul, Minn. and Duluth, Minn. For more information, contact www.benchmark-reporting.com or call 612.338.3376.

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