Reliability makes a cameo appearance

Life is unpredictable. The car won’t start when you’re late for a meeting. The copier quits just when you need it most, and now there’s an odd buzzing coming from your smartphone. It’s frustrating to lose time and control.

Wouldn’t it be great if technology predictably protected you?

The latest addition to mobile depositions for the mobile attorney is predictably reliable, connecting for the first time traditional videoconferencing units with PCs, Macs, iPads and tablet computers, iPhones, Androids and other smartphones.

Have you tried Cameo™? Many of our attorneys rely on Cameo to connect with witnesses, participate in a deposition, or for meetings within companies with multiple offices. Cameo can join up to 28 locations at once, even in remote areas.

Portable videoconferencing is now the norm to reduce travel costs and ramp up efficiency. With built-in, error-free firewalls to accommodate flexible locations, and freeze resistance that handles unexpected network congestion without dropping a call, Cameo is a good choice for portable productivity.

One of the positive comments we get is that Cameo puts a priority on audio over video. That means if there’s a break or slowdown in the connection, the audio is still intact, allowing your reporter to continue writing without interruption. Attorneys can now attend any deposition, no matter where they are, privately and in real-time, and reporters will be able to take the video conference to the proceeding.

Long story short, Cameo can help reduce costs when booking a traditional video conferencing facility isn’t sensible. It’s affordability, security and reliability anywhere make it a popular choice for many attorneys.

The manufacturers explain Cameo technology was designed to “meet the unique needs of the legal industry: high-stakes events potentially involving multiple locations with diverse equipment and unpredictable network conditions.”

Sound like a situation you’ve been in recently? Give us a call before your next off-site deposition and a Benchmark Reporting Agency professional will get you set up for maximum cloud-conferencing capability. No surprises. Just predictable portability.

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