Join us in the walk for MS – Sunday, May 6, 2018

“I can’t see bright colors anymore and my vision is blurry in my right eye. Sometimes my fingers tingle or my face feels numb. I wake every day with stiff muscles and back pain. Mostly I’m tired all the time, weak too. I worry about what’s to come and wonder if life will always be like this for me.” 

That’s how a recently-diagnosed 26 year-old woman from Virginia describes living with the debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. She is not alone. Nearly 350,000 people in the U.S. suffer from this agonizing disease in which your immune system attacks your brain, spinal cord and optic nerve, eating away the protective layer of your nerves and eventually the nerves themselves. Its cause is unknown. It’s two to three times more common in women than in men, and it strikes young: Two-thirds of people are diagnosed between ages 20 and 40. There is no cure. Yet.

Who gets MS and why are questions that challenge researchers. There may be a genetic link or even an association to where someone grows up. MS is different for each person.

What can be done?

Financial support is needed to fund research and alternate treatments, and to provide social and wellness programs to address the needs of people who live with MS.

That’s why Benchmark Reporting Agency has been a faithful participant in the annual Christopher & Banks Twin Cities Walk MS for the last twelve years. The money we raise goes directly to research and programs for those living with MS: providing medication, medical equipment, counseling services and family social programs, as well as resources for emotional health and physical well being through a network of support groups.

Please join Team Benchmark on Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Minnehaha Falls Park in Minneapolis for the MS Walk. By walking together, we can make a powerful statement in the fight against MS and toward a cure. 

Can we count on your support too?

In addition to your personal fundraising, Benchmark Reporting Agency will donate $150 for each walker who joins our team, up to $10,000. The MS Walk brings communities together for a shared mission.

Please support those who live with the unpredictability of MS every day. They are your friends, your family members, neighbors and co-workers. Click here to sign up and find out more.

Visit us online at to learn more about Benchmark Reporting Agency.

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