Litigation Support

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of excellence for court reporters

Key Benefits of Benchmark’s Automated Exhibit Imaging

  • Effortless access to exhibits from any location.
  • Quickly locate digitally stored exhibits.
  • Easily import imaged data into all types of litigation software.
  • Ensure long-term preservation of original exhibits.

Benchmark’s exhibit linking services save time and money for our clients.

Benchmark Reporting Agency offers automated exhibit linking service to save our clients time and money. Exhibits are imaged and converted to a file that creates hyperlinks between each exhibit mention within the electronic transcript and the imaged exhibit. The exhibit images are provided in a .tif or .pdf digital format to preserve the integrity of the original exhibit.

Hyperlinks to exhibits are embedded into the electronic transcript, so that any exhibit can be instantly viewed wherever it is mentioned within the transcript.

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