Kindness Lights the Season

The days have been merry and bright and full of good will as Benchmark Reporting Agency employees join together once again to provide gifts for children and families in need during the holiday season through the organization Good in the ‘Hood.

Good in the ‘Hood is an urban-based organization that partners with agencies and businesses to create acts of kindness in order to inspire neighborhood decency and personal transformation. The organization is founded on the belief that goodness and kindness are agencies of change that vitalize urban renewal through contagious momentum. Its goal is to inspire individuals, families and entire neighborhoods to take responsibility for the growth, improvement and well-being of their personal lives and community. Their ideology is that kindness can change the physical, emotional and spiritual climate of a community for good.

Benchmark Reporting Agency is one of many Good in the ‘Hood partners that sponsor the Adopt-A-Family holiday program, a shopping with dignity experience that benefits over a thousand local families in need each year.

The shopping with dignity opportunity allows parents and guardians to choose the holiday gifts that best meet the needs and interests of each of their children.

Benchmark Reporting Agency is provided with wish lists from families and recommendations from the organization with gift ideas for various age groups, from toys and games to cosmetics and electronics. The entire staff imagines and shops for presents, delivering their gift choices unwrapped. Good in the ‘Hood then creates a store for parents to choose the most appropriate gifts for their children. Benchmark Reporting Agency has participated in similar holiday programs since 2007, most recently with Simpson Family Housing, which recently discontinued its program.

“This simple act of generosity and compassion has always brought our team together in the most profound ways,” says Aimee Goldberg, partner and CEO of Benchmark Reporting Agency. “Not only does it leave us all with a warm, fuzzy feeling, but we provide good cheer and much needed relief to hundreds of economically disadvantaged families and those who have struggled with difficult circumstances. We are honored to be a part of this worthy association that helps people reach a meaningful and purposeful future.”

The holidays are a time of family and celebration. Most of us look forward to the season with excitement and happiness, but for those living in challenging circumstances, this can be a difficult time to cope. Many are unable to provide even the most basic needs for themselves or their loved ones, which sometimes leads to depression, hopelessness or devastation.

Benchmark Reporting Agency’s participation in the Adopt-A-Family program is key to providing practical resources, joy and comfort to families in need of support and benevolence during what could be a difficult time of year for those who are hurting.

Good in the ‘Hood is dedicated to changing lives through simple acts of kindness. Benchmark Reporting Agency is proud to continue the tradition of making a difference in their community through positive influence and inspiration.

The Benchmark Reporting Agency team wishes all its friends and associates a happy and healthy holiday season.

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