Here, There and Everywhere

To paraphrase the Beatles, it feels good and safe to know that everything you need is everywhere you are. At Benchmark Reporting Agency we are here to make your life easier, by arranging, a court reporter, a videographer, a conference room or video conference rooms.  As a national court reporting agency, we, too, are here, there and everywhere.

What can national affiliation do for you? Anywhere you are in the country, you can access the full service capabilities and technology of Benchmark Reporting Agency. Life, and business, would be frustrating without national affiliation. What if you could only bank in your own metro area? Or be restricted to local phone calls only? Technology has removed borders.

That means, whether you’re in Minneapolis or Memphis, you can take advantage of Benchmark Reporting Agency high-tech communications tools to efficiently make better use of your time and energies:

  • Certified, experienced professional court reporters
  • Realtime reporters that share their transcripts, to attorneys or co-counsel anywhere in the world
  • E-transcript® and .PDF transcripts easily imported into the popular software programs attorneys use every day, via email, CD or DVD
  • Videoconferencing services that allow attorneys, clients, and co-counsel to conduct realtime, face-to-face, depositions or meetings productively
  • Skilled videographers familiar with legal procedures
  • Video and text streaming to observe depositions live from the convenience of your own office or anywhere worldwide
  • Video depositions that allow seeing and hearing of witness testimony, available in digital format
  • User-friendly, secure online repository that stores your transcript files, exhibits, invoices and your calendar
  • Convenient worldwide online scheduling from wherever you are

Our national scale enables us to provide consistent and reliable delivery anytime and anywhere. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on the practice of law rather than orchestration. So, next time, whatever you need, wherever you are, call on Benchmark Reporting Agency and we’re there for you.

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