Greenery is all in your perspective.

February is a bleak month. No sign of green anywhere. Not in the garden, not in the neighborhood yards, not even in your wallet as you catch up with holiday spending. Yet seeing and living green does not have to be limited to a season. It is a frame of mind that endures all year long, and a philosophy that Benchmark Reporting embraces daily.

In fact, Benchmark Reporting has been certified by the Green Business Bureau (GBB) as an environmentally responsible business, adopting principles and practices that show a real commitment to sustainability.

GBB helped us go green step by step, providing initiatives to become environmentally friendly and beneficial. Since our certification in 2010, we have completed nearly 60 initiatives. Not too shabby for a relative beginner. It was easier than we thought.

Some of our adjustments include:

  • Setting computers and monitors to sleep mode when inactive
  • Purchasing paper goods made from recycled materials
  • Printing and copying double sided to reduce paper waste
  • Replacing paper or plastic-based kitchen items with mugs, dishes and silverware
  • Recycling toner cartridges
  • Donating used office equipment and furniture
  • Using a filtered water tap or water cooler instead of bottled water
  • Recycling all paper, plastic and glass
  • Recycling unwanted cell phones

Our Green Platinum tier rating by GBB means we are committed not only to protecting the environment but reducing energy and material costs.

If your company is interested in starting a program too, give us a call to discuss the challenges and triumphs.

Most of us associate the color green with growth and renewal, but did you know it is also considered the color of hope?

Not a bad thought for the dreary days of February.

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