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After eDiscovery, it’s time to put all that evidence to use.

But during subsequent litigation events, attorneys have to rely upon printed paper documents, then scan and organize them between events. Going from witness prep to depositions to trial ends up being inconvenient, inefficient, and wastefully expensive.

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A single platform to take your case from eDiscovery to trial.

Benchmark Reporting Agency takes the hassle out of conducting all the litigation events after eDiscovery. Before your deposition, you or your staff create private virtual folders and upload your documents online, accessible by your whole case team.

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Witness Preparation

Provide your witness with private access to review documentsonline when getting ready to testify.


In trial, present and distribute exhibits during opening statements, when examining witnesses, or during closing arguments.

In hearings, present important exhibits and case law to the judge when arguing your motion.

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Mark and distribute documents and media as deposition exhibits electronically using a laptop or iPad.

Arbitration & Mediation

In arbitration, present and distribute exhibits to the entire panel and other participants.

In mediation, present case documents and media when making your case to the mediator and other parties.

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By ditching the paper and using documents in their electronic state, you get…

[span4] [service_box title=”CONVENIENCE” icon=”icon14″ text=”” btn_link=”” btn_size=”normal” custom_class=”special”]No need to print, copy, folder, and lug or ship thousands of pages of exhibits to/from depositions, prep sessions or trial.
[spacer] [/span4] [span4] [service_box title=”EFFICIENCY AND CONTINUITY” icon=”icon15″ text=”” btn_link=”” btn_size=”normal” custom_class=”special”]Use a single system to manage all exhibits and evidence from discovery to decision. With full mobile support, attend litigation events in person or remotely.
[spacer] [/span4] [span4] [service_box title=”COMPETITIVE EDGE” icon=”icon16″ text=”” btn_link=”” btn_size=”normal” custom_class=”special”]Use technology to your advantage by creating more compelling presentations, all while saving your firm and client thousands of dollars in unnecessary paper costs.
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