Better Than Paper?

Picture this: You’re on your way to a deposition and running late in the rain. The boxes of documents you’re schlepping drop from your arms, scattering the paperwork you’ve worked so hard to assemble across a wet, busy parking lot.

Maybe it’s time to re-think your strategy and put your head in the cloud.

With eDepoze, the traditional manner of presenting deposition exhibits may get its walking papers. eDepoze is intuitive software for your iPad that eliminates the paper chase and allows attorneys to control the entire deposition exhibit process electronically, whether in person or from the convenience of your own office, thousands of miles away.

eDepoze is just like the paper process, only better. No more carrying heavy boxes of paper exhibits. No printing costs, wasting multiple paper copies or shipping charges.

Instead, eDepoze litigation software allows a truly electronic deposition, where exhibits can be shared with all parties one-by one in real time. Deponents, co-counsel, opposing counsel and other parties receive their own personal copy of all exhibits simultaneously, which can be highlighted, annotated and even shared via email on the spot. All parties have the option to also walk away with copies of the official exhibits—no need to wait for a litigation support company to scan, print and distribute copies after the fact.

Imagine being able to organize or access related exhibits and transcripts anytime or anywhere, even from past depositions. Or send a message to a colleague during a deposition. Or introduce exhibits on a document by document basis. All secure, backed up and supported by high-tech hosts.

Since it was designed by lawyers, we trust it will be an efficient and cost effective tool for you too. Contact Benchmark to learn more about the easy to use, cloud-based litigation software—sensible technology that cuts the clutter.

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