Benchmark Reporting Agency Adds New Satellite Locations

Benjamin Franklin once said “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”

Benchmark Reporting echoes the concept of continual growth and progress with the recent opening of two new satellite offices in St. Paul and Duluth, Minnesota.

Both locations will offer video conference rooms and deposition suites. The St. Paul facilities are located downtown at 445 Minnesota Street, Suite 1500. The Duluth facility is also conveniently located in the heart of the business district at 230 West Superior Street, Suite 400.  Rooms in either location can be scheduled by calling 612-338-3376.

Benchmark clients receive complimentary use of either facility. Confidential and comfortably furnished, the suites offer access to video conference via IP connection, computers, secure wireless internet access; printers, telephones, photocopy machines, and fax machines. Parking is also conveniently located nearby.

Though video depositions cannot replace the court reporter’s transcribed testimony, they elevate it by allowing participants to pick up on non-verbal clues, tone of voice and behavior.

Video conferencing gives law firms, attorneys, their clients and affiliates the opportunity to participate in real time, face-to-face meetings without the time or expense involved in travel. The quality, availability and high definition of video conferencing make it quick and easy for colleagues to communicate and share data without making a trip to the airport.

Not only is video conferencing convenient and sensible, it makes a compelling visual impact while cutting costs as you manage an ever-growing caseload. You’ll complete more meetings in a day, resulting in effective decisions and focused projects, thereby increasing productivity and profitability.

Benchmark’s full-service attention means we fit our technology to your needs. Video digital formats provided include DVD, MPEG-4 or synchronized video transcript

Our Video Legal Specialists are expert at using non-distracting backdrops, controlling light for the sharpest picture, and adjusting audio levels for the clearest sound. We constantly upgrade our equipment and review our systems to provide our clients with the best possible video and audio quality for video depositions.

Hire a professional. Before you schedule your next out of town meeting, consider using the proficient and high-res digital imaging technology services of Benchmark. We’ll broaden the impact of your communications by connecting you to more people with much less of a financial burden.

Now that’s progress.

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