Aimee Goldberg Chosen as One of Women Who Lead

Benchmark Reporting Agency CEO/Partner Aimee Goldberg was recently chosen by Minnesota Business magazine as one of several recipients of their “Women Who Lead” honors.

The Women Who Lead honorees are businesswomen in the community who are seen as those who motivate, lift up and empower others. Some are industry influencers, others are emerging leaders and some are known to shatter glass ceilings. All are featured in the February issue of the publication.

In introducing the honorees, Minnesota Business Publisher Matt Kusilek quoted Calamity Jane saying: “I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one.” Kusilek dedicates the issue to the “true originals, the forward-thinkers and the up-and-comers who just decided to go ahead and be legendary.”

Kusilek added that it was important to the publication not only to concentrate on those who capture headlines, but also those who quietly and persistently lead each day. Their choices were based not only on what the women have achieved professionally, but also how they have empowered others to succeed. They climb the ladder of success and lend a hand to those coming up behind them, serving as inspirations for future legends.

Aimee was nominated for her focus, innovation and determination. The nomination cites her entrepreneurial mindset, which led Aimee to buy the court reporting business from her stepfather shortly after joining the firm.

As one of over 17,000 people in the Twin Cities with multiple sclerosis, Aimee lives daily with the challenges of the disease that attacks the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve through the immune system. She is noted for her commitment to helping others live with the disease, spending much of her free time raising money for research.

“I am honored to be among the women chosen for this award,” Aimee said. “It’s remarkable to be recognized for the efforts I’ve made to enhance the lives around me.”

Benchmark recently celebrated 50 years in business, providing court reporting, video services and litigation support to the legal industry.


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