Benchmark Reporting Agency court reporters and videographers are experienced in their fields and bring the highest level of professionalism to their work. At Benchmark, we understand that the needs of our clients are unique and we ensure the right court reporter or videographer is matched to the individual deposition or case requirements.

Service oriented, our professionals handle all depositions, trials, and arbitrations with a thorough attention to detail. Our court reporters – many of whom are proficient in realtime reporting – are capable of providing daily and expedited transcripts of testimony. We specialize in patent litigation and medical and technological testimony depositions.

Not only are we at Benchmark pleased to work with such qualified professionals, but our reporters and videographers are also pleased to be working for Benchmark. In fact, many of our reporters were initially attracted to Benchmark because of the praise from other Benchmark reporters.

Principals Aimee and Eric Goldberg take time to understand each reporter’s strengths and to assign them appropriately. That means our reporters and videographers arrive to each deposition, trial, or arbitration confident in their abilities and their responsibilities as Benchmark representatives, and ready to provide clients with the highest levels of service.