As a Partner of Benchmark Reporting Agency, Aimee oversees the administration of the company. Benchmark had originally been founded as Southwest Reporters Incorporated in 1967.

After working in the court reporting industry as a trial technology specialist for many years, Aimee purchased the reporting firm in 1996 and renamed it Benchmark Reporting Agency in 1997.

Aimee speaks at national and international legal conferences and is involved in using and promoting technology to enhance the litigation process while saving time and money. She served a three-year term as a Board of Directors member of the National Network of Reporting Company (NNRC), which is a network of highly sophisticated reporting agencies located across the nation. Benchmark is also a company member of NNRC.

As technology expands, Aimee has guided Benchmark in its addition of such services as litigation support, video, video conferencing, and video streaming to its portfolio of services. Her extensive background in trial technology included working on large petroleum trials in the mid 1990s in which she wired courtrooms and taught judges, courtroom staff, attorneys, paralegals, and court reporters to use realtime software.

Today Aimee provides realtime training for Benchmark clients. Her training is as intense or as simple as the lawyers and paralegals desire. Aimee is able to demonstrate and present realtime software to anyone, view applications and diagnose problems.

You can reach Aimee at [email protected]