Video Services

Benchmark offers state-of-the-art legal video services for your deposition and arbitration needs.

In addition to being a national provider of court reporter services, Benchmark Reporting Agency stays ahead of the changing video and computer technology to provide superior video services to the legal industry.

Our legal video service staff are available for videotaped depositions, arbitrations, will signings, day-in-the-life, and courtroom playback. Benchmark also offers complete post-production services for the legal industry, include editing, synchronization, and digital conversion.


Video Conference Suites

Benchmark Reporting Agency offers the most technological video conferencing services in 5,000+ locations around the world, as well as in our downtown Minneapolis office and other cities throughout the country.  We offer both HD, high definition and standard video conference service using ISDN or IP video conference connection services.

Video conference services allow attorneys, clients, co-counsel, and paralegals to conduct realtime, face-to-face meetings in the most productive, efficient, and cost-saving way. In addition, video conferencing allows meeting participants to share information, collaborate, maintain personal interaction, and build relationships through technology in live, in-person meetings.

Video Conferencing Equipment

Our video conference equipment makes it easy to share presentations, documents, video, and multimedia:

  • Benchmark’s HD (or high definition) Video Conference allows for the highest picture quality.
  • Large HD Monitors enhance picture quality and allow larger picture for ease of viewing multiple participants.
  • Enhancement to our video conference equipment which can capture any paper document or exhibit for viewing by all meeting participants.
  • Scanned exhibits can be preloaded into the video conferencing computer to be viewed by all conference participants at the touch of a button.

Key Benefits to Video Conferencing with Benchmark:

  • Productivity is increased when all participants are able to meet despite being unable to travel to the same place.
  • Team building and collaboration is maintained when attorneys, clients, co-counsel, and paralegals meet with face-to-face capabilities.
  • Video conferencing saves money and reduces travel time.
  • All information, documentation, exhibits, and/or presentations can be recorded for later viewing.


Benchmark offers the highest quality of video services.

Benchmark Reporting Agency offers video deposition services throughout Minnesota and worldwide.

Along with our video deposition services, we provide experienced video service experts with technical expertise and the professional knowledge required for a deposition setting. Benchmark’s approved Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) ensure that your video depositions are run smoothly and efficiently.

Benchmark's video deposition service experts are skilled at using non-distracting backdrops, controlling light for the sharpest picture, and adjusting audio levels for the clearest sound. We constantly upgrade our equipment and review our systems to provide our clients with the best possible video and audio quality for video depositions.


Key Benefits to Video Depositions with Benchmark:

  • Experienced video service experts with legal backgrounds ensure that the video deposition will go smoothly.
  • A video deposition offers convenient access of the witness demeanor by the attorney and the client. Plus, the jury benefits from seeing and hearing the witness testimony instead of simply listening to a transcript read aloud.
  • Video depositions can be provided in digital format.  Digital formats include, DVD, MPEG-4 or synchronized video transcript.
  • If your video copy becomes lost or damaged simply contact Benchmark for another copy. We retain a repository of all video projects for seven years.

Benchmark’s secure video streaming service allows legal clients to observe depositions live from anywhere in the world.

At Benchmark Court Reporter Agency, it is our goal to set the standard in the legal industry by offering superior service, technology, and litigation support. That’s why we are pleased to offer our clients secure video streaming services — high-quality, realtime internet broadcast of live depositions.

Benchmark’s video streaming service allows clients to observe depositions live from the comfort and convenience of their own office, or anywhere in the world. Clients can access Benchmark’s secure video streaming service from any PC via the Internet — all that is needed is a broadband connection, a web browser, and a username and password. Optional features include video, audio, realtime transcript streaming text and instant messaging between participants to supplement and enhance the information shared through realtime video streaming.

Key Benefits of Benchmark’s Video Streaming:

  • Convenience — participate in live court events that may otherwise be missed due to scheduling conflicts or multiple, same-day depositions.
  • Clarity — observe a deponent’s demeanor firsthand.
  • Cost-effective — see and hear a deponent’s testimony without wasting time, money, or stress on unnecessary travel.
  • Stronger collaborations — share thoughts and strategies with your team members, clients and experts in multiple locations through secure instant messaging.
  • Information security — achieve multiple-level security protection, with events accessible only via a personalized username and password and protected by network firewalls, SSL (secure sockets layer), virus scanning, and reliable intrusion detection systems.

Benchmark Court Reporting’s Video Streaming Services are perfect for:

  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Expert Consultations
  • Co-counsel, Client, or Expert Collaboration
  • Settlement and Judicial Conferences

Benchmark’s legal video experts assist attorneys with courtroom playback.

Video technology is an excellent communication tool - when it works properly. There is no more critical time to have experienced technical support for video playback than in the courtroom. Benchmark Reporting Agency’s legal video service experts assist attorneys with courtroom playback during trial to make sure that there are no technical difficulties that interfere with their presentation. Standard courtroom playback is used to show witness testimony from video depositions and day-in-the-life video.

Benchmark’s experienced video service experts will provide and set up all playback technology including DVD, laptops, players and monitors.  We test presentation equipment in advance and trouble-shoot any potential video and audio problems so the attorneys can focus their attention on the trial proceedings.

Key Benefits to Benchmark Courtroom Playback:

  • Benchmark video service experts take the worry out of understanding, using, and trouble-shooting the variety of audio-visual equipment and technologies used during trial.
  • Attorneys can stay focused on their arguments and the trial proceedings.

Benchmark’s digital video technology provides superior images inside and out of the courtroom.

Benchmark’s expert videographers use the latest in digital video technology to produce high quality videos for clients in the quickest, most efficient manner possible. Digital video technology is the best way to capture crisp, clear, “real life” images for use in the courtroom or for other legal proceedings.

Benchmark’s state-of-the-art video equipment and experienced staff is known for creating products of the highest quality, including synchronized video.  This allows our clients to view the transcription text along with the video, right on their own computer. The digitized video seamlessly combines with the transcript text into one rolling format. The synchronized video can be imported into all trial presentation software programs.

Benefits of Digitized Video

  • Access any portion of the testimony quickly.
  • Video clips are made quickly and with ease.
  • Scroll right to the spot needed.
  • Easy word searches find desired video sections.

Benchmark offers professional video services for will signings.

Wills and living wills are more effective when accompanied by a video of the event.  Benchmark Reporting Agency provides professional videographers for will and living will signings from Certified Legal Video Specialists.

Here’s how it works.  A client may sign a will or state a living will before their attorney, the video camera and witnesses. The lawyer may ask questions regarding the will and the client's intentions with respect to the will. The documents are signed in front of the camera and the videotape is stored with the will.

Key Benefits of Video Will Signing with Benchmark:

  • The video documents a client's statements regarding the will and his or her intentions related to the will.
  • Video will signing eliminates confusion about the client's will if the attorney and/or witnesses are unavailable at the time the will is to be carried out.

Closeup shot of a woman signing a form. She's writing on a financial contract. Shallow depth of field with focus on tip of the pen.


Benchmark’s day-in-the-life videos help to document daily life struggles experienced by plaintiffs for personal injury law suits.

Day-In-The-Life Video can provide very powerful evidence in a personal injury suit. Benchmark Reporting Agency offers video services to document a day-in-the-life of a plaintiff experiencing injury because of a defendant's actions. This type of documentary shows a jury how the plaintiff lives day-to-day with an injury that impacts his or her life long-term.

Video plays an important role in illustrating a plaintiff's life-altering, daily struggle. Benchmark understands the power of video in such cases. We know what to film to effectively demonstrate the plaintiff's case. Our video service experts include Certified Legal Video Specialists who approach day-in-the-life taping with professionalism and sensitivity, without staging or altering the day's events.

Audio is also recorded and Benchmark can edit the day-in-the-life tape for jury viewing. The quality of the video, how it is filmed, and the knowledge we bring to a day-in-the-life video helps to put the plaintiff on the winning side.

Key Benefits of Benchmark’s Day-in-the-Life Video:

  • Visual and audio documentation of the daily struggles a plaintiff experiences is a powerful tool to share with a jury responsible for deciding the size of a settlement.
  • Benchmark's video service experts include Certified Legal Video Specialists, professionals who are sensitive in filming the plaintiff.
  • Our high-quality video provides detailed images and clear sounds that bring a "seeing is believing" substance to the video.
  • We maintain all video in our repository for seven years in case it is needed for future use.