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Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of excellence for court reporters

Benchmark’s technology improves efficiency and performance

“How quickly can I get a deposition or transcript?”  Today, clients expect court reporting and litigation support services faster than ever before, with outstanding accuracy and quality. Benchmark Reporting Agency delivers a full spectrum of litigation support services, including transcripts supported by the latest technology for; auto exhibit linking; realtime and streaming audio, video and text; and secure storage with online transcript repository. We also provide training and support for these technology assisted services.

Benchmark is proud to live up to our name as “the benchmark” for the most highly qualified court reporters, video and video conferencing services, and litigation support in the court reporting industry.  Benchmark has been Minnesota’s premier court reporting agency for more than 40 years and ranks among the most respected court reporting agencies in the nation.

Benchmark’s exhibit linking services save  time and money for our clients.

Benchmark Reporting Agency offers automated exhibit linking service to save our clients time and money.  Exhibits are imaged and converted to a file that creates hyperlinks between each exhibit mention within the electronic transcript and the imaged exhibit.  The exhibit images are provided in a .tif or .pdf digital format to preserve the integrity of the original exhibit.

Hyperlinks to exhibits are embedded into the electronic transcript, so that any exhibit can be instantly viewed wherever it is mentioned within the transcript.

Key Benefits of Benchmark’s Automated Exhibit Imaging:

  • Effortless access to exhibits from any location.
  • Quickly locate digitally stored exhibits.
  • Easily import imaged data into all types of litigation software.
  • Ensure long-term preservation of original exhibits.

Contact Benchmark Reporting Agency to learn more about our exhibit imaging services.

Benchmark enhances our court reporter service with online transcript repository.

Benchmark understands the intricacies of the most commonly used software programs because we have hands-on experience with them. We are recognized experts in the leading litigation software support products for realtime reporting, hyperlinked exhibits, streaming text and video, and video synchronization. Benchmark’s court reporters create transcripts that can be seamlessly imported into popular software programs used by attorneys, such as Summation®, LiveNote® and Binder®.

Compressed Hard Copy Transcripts

Benchmark can transform a 1,000-page transcript to 250 pages without removing one word, by condensing four transcript pages to one hard-copy page. This decreases hard copy transcript volume by 75%.

Electronic Transcripts

Benchmark provides E-transcript, full and compressed, PDF transcripts, ASCII files, and imaged exhibits in searchable PDF format. Digital electronic files are made available on our secure online repository.

Realtime Court Reporting

Benchmark Reporting Agency provides experienced, realtime court reporters familiar with realtime software. Realtime reporting is convenient and cost effective for our clients.  As the Benchmark realtime court reporter writes the transcripts, they appear in English on the attorneys’ laptop via a Realtime program such as Summation® or Livenote®. The realtime transcript can be sent to attorneys within the same room or sent via the internet to co-counsel or experts across the globe. All streaming realtime feeds are transmitted via a secure server and any number of users can be logged into the server to receive the transcript text with proper login and password.


In addition to seeing the transcript text, the attorney and remote attendees can also:

  • Send instant messages to team members during a realtime transcript session
  • Start and stop scrolling text
  • Create and find annotations and quick marks
  • Mark a line of transcript with an issue
  • Conduct full text queries across single or multiple transcripts
  • Search previous testimony while viewing ongoing testimony
  • View and hear live videotaped testimony through video streaming technology

Contact Benchmark Reporting Agency to learn more about our litigation support services.

Benchmark’s secure record storage helps our clients stay efficient, informed and up-to-date.

Benchmark Reporting Agency offers our clients secure record storage through a user-friendly online transcript repository that provides 24 hour secure Internet access to their transcript files. The transcript repository also offers other convenient project management resources, including an online calendar, access to deposition scheduling and up-to-date information on client account activity.

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